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Re: where did clamav go?

Tom Allison wrote:
I did an upgrade to my mail server today.
It's all based on stable.

And it removed clamav.
dependency violations.

I managed to get it reinstalled by pointing to testing.
But now I can't seem to get postfix to talk to it again.

Everything worked 100% for months/years prior to this.

I'm kind of lost and pissed. This is the first kind of surprise I've had like this under Debian and unfortunately I'm not sure what the next step is... It's been a while since I fiddled with this.

Always enjoy answering my own posts, but at least it might be useful to someone someday...

the answer is, "install clamsmtp dummy" That's the package that does the postfix mail scanning, not clamd. I guess I either forgot or it changed and it's more likely I forgot - it's been years since I even looked at this.

But I'm still surprised to see clamav was removed during an apt-get upgrade cycle. I've reset that set of packages to testing since I can't seem to get it installed under stable. I won't ask why, I've probably mixed my installation from testing/stable without paying too much attention to the details, my problem.

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