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Re: Stock Sarge segfaults, and later crashes!

--- Felix Karpfen <felixk@webone.com.au> wrote:

> I attributed the crashes to my non-standard setup - fvwm2 XWindows
> Manager
> and Gnome Session Manager.  
> So I flagged the problem with the "fvwm user group".
> And was advised -  "it sounds like a faulty HD".

Indeed.  I still stand-by that as a proper diagnosis, since I have seen
it happen so many times before.
> Which is possible.  But the computer is 18 months old and my
> recent (repeat) crashes only started a few weeks ago.

I'd like to say that 18 months is recent, but that's rarely the case
where computer components are concerned.   They're mechanical, like
most things, so they're bound to wear out eventually -- especially if
they get used all the time.    It could be that you get unlucky with
your particular drive.

-- Thomas Adam

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