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Re: How to remove exim4 when aptitude doesnt think its installed?

--- Andy <andy@besy.co.uk> wrote:

> I had previously replaced exim4 with postfix, but because the file 
> system restore process only creates and over-writes files, but
> doesn't 
> deletes unnecessary ones, the exim4 files remain.

Usually, anything that provides the virtual package:


is sufficient.
> I cannot use aptitude to remove the package's files as normal because
> aptitude's state has been restored from backup along with everything 
> else; it doesn't think the package is installed.

Supplying us with the command you've tried using, along with any output
would be a start.  Indeed, at this stage, I'd use dpkg:

# dpkg -P --forget-old-unavail exim4

-- Thomas Adam

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