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How to remove exim4 when aptitude doesnt think its installed?

Hello List,

How should I go about removing files relating to the exim4 package, when aptitude doesn't think the package is installed?

Let me explain...

I have restored a crashed system by first doing a Debian base install and then restoring the file system from backup over the top. The result has been a fully functional system. (yay!)

But I have a few files left over from the Debian base install which should no longer be present, for instance files relating to the exim4 package.

I had previously replaced exim4 with postfix, but because the file system restore process only creates and over-writes files, but doesn't deletes unnecessary ones, the exim4 files remain.

I cannot use aptitude to remove the package's files as normal because aptitude's state has been restored from backup along with everything else; it doesn't think the package is installed.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks, Andy

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