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Re: two problems: 1. dvd drives ; 2.speedtouch modem

On Sat, 2005-11-05 at 16:10 +0100, Wodzu Wodzowski wrote:
> Hy, It's me again ;) I've got tw problems;
> 1.
> First is with my dvd roms. I have one dvd writer and one dvd rom. Both are detected and mounted properly (think so..) but when I want to open dvd to take away my disc, I can't do that. There's no problem with dvd writer, because I can right-click on the icon and clik open. When I wanna do the same with dvd, there's only 'unmount'. The configurations in '/etc/fstab' is the same for both drives;
> -------
> /dev/hdd    /mnt/dvd     iso9660    ro,user,auto    0    0
> /dev/hdc    /mnt/dvdrw   iso9660    ro,user,auto    0    0
> -------
> 2.
> I've got another problem as well :p ;)
> Know, that You've heard thousands questions as for thomson speedtouch 330 modem, but something's wrong :>
> I downloaded speedtouch driver ('speedtouch-06-03-2005.tar.gz') and untar this, put the thomson driver (alcaudsl.sys) into a new folder ('speedtouch-06-03-2005'), run 'speedtouch.sh' scrypt and received message like that: "No USB bus found". Checked 'cat /proc/bus/usb/devices' and found that USB are detected. And I don't understand what's goin' on :/ Hope You do.
> Thanks for any answer.

did you get any reply to point (2) since I'm having a similar problem
with my 2.10 kernel...

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