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Re: Mutt & 2 accounts

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 the mental interface of
Vladimir Zolotykh told:

> Thank you for helping me get Mutt working.
> Could you please give me some clue how to set up Mutt working with two
> differenct accounts on the same IMAP server? Entering full server
> name, user name, and password each time I want to change account is
> tiresome.
> I've tried
>   account-hook imaps://user1@server ....
>   account-hook imaps://user2@server ....

RTFM -> Chapter 4.13

account-hook . 'unset imap_user; unset imap_pass'
account-hook imaps://host1/ 'set imap_user=user1 imap_pass=foo1'
account-hook imaps://host1/ 'set imap_user=user2 imap_pass=foo2'


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