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Re: spam howto

kamaraju kusumanchi on 17/11/05 19:59, wrote:
That sounds like a pretty good filter rate. I'm relying on Thunderbird's built-in spam filter which is meant to train itself but it's no more than 60% to 70% effective. Adam

The thing is when thunderbird is used, only one user is training the spam filter. But when you are using gmail, thousands of people who use gmail will train their spam filter and hence it is more effective. Further in my procedure given above, you are using two steps - gmail spam filtering and then filtering in thunderbird. Works like a charm.

Does gmail use baysian filtering? Perhaps you don't get much. I have heard this below gets 92% with minimal false positives:


I have yet to establish what system my ISP uses. The emails come through with email headings such as:

X-RBL-Warning: yes
X-RBL-Warning-Info: warn.bl.kundenserver.de says: Dynamic IP Addresses See: http://www.sorbs.net/lookup.shtml?
Envelope-To: adam.hardy@cyber.......
X-SpamScore:   0

But I don't know what puts the headings in.


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