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Re: Request to remove Information

You wrote:

> On (14/11/05 17:36), privacy.at Anonymous Remailer wrote:
> > > > Regardless, please come back in a few months and request its removal 
> > > > again.  I'd love to see that original email [2] climb higher in 
> > > > Google's results than the current #3 spot it holds now when searching 
> > > > for your name. ;)
> > > 
> > > It's at the number 1 spot at the moment :D.
> > > 
> > > http://www.google.com/search?q=Weissgerber,+Tom+L
> > 
> > Let's keep it there with lots of links!
> > Edit your web pages, everyone....
> > 
> Indulging in schadenfreude is one thing; deliberately exacerbating the
> guy's misfortune is probably more than he deserves.
> OK he's made a relatively common mistake and then compounded it with the
> the removal request; if Tom's following this thread, he'll be suffering
> anyway.
> I don't see the mileage in being vindictive.

He didn't just make a "relatively common mistake," he posted
HTML-loaded mail to a mailing list. If he can't figure out how to set
his mail client to plain text ONLY, he has no business in IT. If he
can't figure out that his request to this list, TWO YEARS after the
fact, is meaningless, he has no business in IT. I say let him have it
with both barrels.

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