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Re: Ram memory after many days

--- gustavo halperin <ggh.develop@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello
>  I commonly use the next applications: Mozilla, 
> gnu-emacs, gv, xpdf and 
> many xterminals.
> The problem is that after many days without restart
> the system the 
> memory grow a little more any day
> and after aprox. 20 days I have all my 775MB
> occupied by the system and 
> even if I close all
> the applications the memory occupied still the same,
> just reboot the 
> system free this memory.

I'm a bit new at this, but I believe this is a faulty
application causing a memory leak - in my case it was
a version of Zope I had installed. It would fill up
over the course of a few days and I would need to
restart the server.


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