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Re: Debian Raid Crash Repair

On 11/14/05, Alvin Oga <aoga@mail.linux-consulting.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Siju George wrote:
> > I had a mirror o sarge with 2 disks. One of them failed now. I had
> > given an option for 1 spare disk while configuring Raid. Could some
> > one please tell me what I should do to Place a new disk and recreate
> > the mirror?? Should I manually partition the new disk or is there a
> > command that I can run after connecting the disk so that the Raid
> > Partitions will be created automatically and the rest of the space in
> > the hard disk be freely available? I would like to place an 80 GB disk
> > instead of a 40 GB one.
> - it would be pointless to use a new 80gb disk instead of a 40gb disk
>         - the other 40gb is sorta wasted and unused

Samsung hard disks we get around here develop bad sectors very fast.
They replace the disks also very fast. I want to replace the 40 GB wit
two 80 GBs. Thus I can get rid of Samsung disks altogether from the

> - if your system crashed:
>         - why did it crash
>         - how did it crash
>         - when did it crash
>         - did you change software/upgrades
>         - is it still running in degraded mode
>         - did you backup the data on a new media ( eg the new 80gb disk )

Bad sectors on "hda" was the reason for the crash. Now the Server is
running with only 1 hard disk. "hdc". The disk "hda" wont run in
degraded mode. The system won't even startup if I boot from it,

>         - buy hardware that doesn't break ... disk doesn't die as much
>         as dead fans or dead power supplies ...
>                 ie .. if you didn't replace fans and ps before ...
>                 the vendor of your disks is probably throwing it around
>                 like baseballs

No probs with Fans power supply etc.

> - if your raid is configured properly ..
>         - you will be able to pull any single disk out and it will
>         still boot and operate ( but you dont have the redundancy anymore)

Yes hdc boots and the system is up and running with only one disk.

>         - you will be able to install a new disk, partition it the
>         same as the disk you're replacing, and "the raid" should
>         start syncing the new disk into the raid array

Is there a quick way to partition it the sane way as the disk I am
replacing?? Again I am replacing the 40 GB with the 80 GB one.

> - cat /proc/mdstat to see what is doing or not doing
>         - if its syncing .. leave it alone .. do not power off,
>         or add new files, unless you like to be on the bleeding
>         edge and test that the raid stuff is working "right"

alright :-)

Kind Regards


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