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Re: Is Debian ready for the desktop?

I've used FC2, Mandrake (both of which I like very much) and Debian Sarge.  Currently I am using Xandros, which is Debian-based.  I'm not using Sarge right now because there are a lot of packages included and it's hard for me to determine which I need or don't need.  If i install too many,  I'll probably get things messed up.  What I'm going to do is get a book dedicated specifically to Debian, determine what I need, and then reinstall Debian Sarge.  But I will definitely go back to Debian.

Steve Mazurek

On 11/9/05, Ueli Meier <uelim@swissinfo.org> wrote:
Im thinking of getting Debian Linux, currently I use Mandrake but I need
to upgrade.
On the web I could not get the Information I was looking for.
I read an article that was a bit confusing.
It says if you want a Linux Desktop rather use coral Linux or Suse.
Check the links.
Is Debian more for server applications, or is it a true Desktop like
Can I access the files on a dos partition?


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