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Re: Is Debian ready for the desktop?

Ueli Meier wrote:

> Im thinking of getting Debian Linux, currently I use Mandrake but I need
> to upgrade.
> On the web I could not get the Information I was looking for.
> I read an article that was a bit confusing.
> It says if you want a Linux Desktop rather use coral Linux or Suse.

Corel is considered harmful.  Please search Slashdot for "SCO" if you need
reason (latest development:  SCO has requested all documents and code
relating to IBM's contribution to the Linux 2.7 kernel.  And 2.7 wasn't a

> Is Debian more for server applications, or is it a true Desktop like
> Suse?

Quit focusing on buzzwords and just try it for yourself.  Chasing buzzword
compliance will always give you the least functional, most marketed option

> Can I access the files on a dos partition?

Anything the Linux kernel can do, Debian can do at a minimum.

Paul Johnson
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