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Re: gcc-4 : am I the only one having problems?

On Thursday 10 November 2005 19:40, Mike Chandler
(<200511101840.00739.mailmanmike@sbcglobal.net>) wrote:

> Since my testing system updated to gcc-4, I can no longer build a kernel
> (the
> debian way). Doing "make oldconfig" or  "make xconfig" gives errors almost
> immediately and won't build.

What version of gcc do you have?  (gcc --version)

Here's one way.  Find these lines in the top-level Makefile:

  HOSTCC          = gcc
  HOSTCXX         = g++

Change them to match your compiler version.  For example,

  HOSTCC          = gcc-3.3
  HOSTCXX         = g++-3.3

I think 'update-alternatives' can be used to change the gcc link to
something other than gcc-4.0.  As it's been a very long day at the IDE, the
details escape me and I don't seem to have any other version installed at
the moment.

> Another problem when it becomes necessary to re-install the NVIDIA driver.
> Won't build.

Sorry, I don't know anything about closed-source drivers.

> Just curious if I need to do something other than roll back to gcc-3.3 to
> build a new kernel.

The Debian 2.6.14 source configures and compiles cleanly with gcc 4.0.

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