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Re: Home surveillance

On Wednesday 09 November 2005 07:36, Ueli Meier wrote:
>Is there anyone who set up a home surveillance system wit Linux?
>Im thinking of using a normal web-cam and a Laptop computer.
>What are the requirements?
>Is there any software that can start record automatically when there is
>some Movement, and pause when movement stops?
>Purpose to keep an eye on the fruit trees.

By the use of heyu and xtend, the latter a monitoring daemon for x10
traffic, you can do whatever you would need.  Xtend is scriptable.  I
use those, a cm-11 computer interface from the shack (needs a spare
serial port) and the eagleeye/hawkeye PIR motion detectors from X10, I
have the lights on the front of the house controlled.  I change the mode
3 times a day with some crontab entrys.

I think the biggest problem might be the laptop, it will need lots of
spare hd capacity in order to record a whole days activity.  The other
problem might be the camera.  I have one I was going to use, but gave
up on it when the video turned out to be so crappy, color balance seems
to be all greenish yellow & not correctable.  An $80 dollar USB camera,
only does about 7 frames/second & I wasn't going to put any more money
into it.  I'd also put another $80 into USB extension cables when I
found the camera was a POS.  So camera-wise, the old adage about YMMV
certaily applies.

Cheers, Gene
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