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Re: Solaris: The Most Advanced OS?

loos wrote:
Nate and Mike drive home the point that GNU/Linux isn't fit-for-purpose when it comes to telco. I trust that isn't much of a suprise to those who are aware of the requirements and isn't much to be bothered about either. I only mention this because of rabid GNU/Linux partisans who can be rather manic about FLOSS being everywhere and doing everything. Their enthusiasm is endearing even if misdirected IMO.

Those arguments only hold in a restricted number of countries:
Remebering my first post:
Mean response times after asking for support:

Sparc/Solaris: 1 week (soft) 3 monthes (hard)
IBM PPC/AIX: 4 days (soft)/ 1 week (hard)
x86/Linux: 6 hours (soft)/ 1 hour (hard)

I guess you didn't read what I wrote at all, or you wouldn't repeat
these arguments.

What I said was that telecom uses HOME-GROWN (i.e. not Solaris,
not AIX, not Linux, not any other OS you've ever heard of unless
you actually worked for a telecom company) OS.

[rest of politically motivated nonsense tossed]

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