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Re: Comfortable with Debian,but 4 points...

On 2005-11-06 16:48:38, nuno romano wrote:
> After some months with Debian(3.1PowerPC)I´m
> generally comfortable with it:
> -compiling software,and dealing with the different
>  aspects of the package management system(good stuff!)
> -Connections to the Internet.
> -Printing system: my 70 dollars inkjet prints
>  documents,photos with quality nearly identical
>  to a 400 dollars laser printer,with refilled
>  inkjet cartridges.
> However,four points:
> -Java: I don´t know which Java Runtime Environment,SDK
>  is the most effective,the blackdown.org or the
>  Gnu classpath,gcj,or other.For example,I want to
>  compile and run JGR a frontend for R(the statistics
>  software),which needs Java2-1.5,and I think none of
>  the above JRE,SDKs provides Java2-1.5.
>  Blackdown´s provide for the PPC Java2-1.3.1.
>  Do you know why Debian does not ship Blackdown´s
> Java?

AFAIK blackdown is not shipped because it's non-free.

You can't use Java from Sun, since that's x86 and OSX only.

You can use Java from blackdown, but 1.3 is the latest version for
powerpc. I therefore suggest you use IBM's Java JRE or SDK,
available (after free registration) at

The latest version is 1.4.2, and there is a 1.5 beta.

I suggest you use java-package to create a Debian package.
1.5 beta is not supported by java-package, but I posted a way to get
it working at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78804.

> -Macromedia´s Shockwave Flash Player: The possible
>  solutions,none seems effective for the PPC.I can´t
>  see Flash content in Mozilla.Do you know of a
>  method,program to do that effectively?Advice 
>  appreciated.

No flash on PPC.

(well there are some free implementations, but I never got them to
work properly)

You may also want to subscribe to the debian-powerpc mailing list.


Felix C. Stegerman <flx@hccnet.nl>

"Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature."
 -- R. Kulawiec

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