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image library manager recomendation

I am looking for a recommendation for a digital  image library. I looked at a
few and none seemed to fit the  bill, so before I break down and decide to
write one of my own (which I don't have the time for at the moment) I was
hoping that someone knows if something like this exists. I was looking at
photoshop cs2's image browser (the one you get by pressing browse, not open)
which just about exactly fits the bill except for being for windows/osX and not

I need at least three views, directory tree view, current directory view with
thumbnails (an option of detail view is also appreciated), and a preview view.

I also need to be able to move back and forth from this to a full screen view
(with a fit to screen option), something like press enter to view full screen
and the escape to return to preview/folder mode.

These I have seen in a few picture managers (better or worse). The other thing
I need in order to make the whole thing manageable is to be able to
view/modify/add keywords/meta-data the images and then be able to search/sort
images according to this meta-data (recursively through directories)

I also need to be able to create slide shows from the results, at least on
screen from search results and preferably to also be able to save/export them
to some format.

Support for nef (nikon raw format) will also be appreciated but not strictly

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