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Re: What's your favourite FLOSS?

media player [ Kaffeine ]
disc-burner [ k3b ]
PIM [ kontact ]
finance [ kMyMoney ]

> John L Fjellstad <john-debian@fjellstad.org> writes:
>> It's interesting to read this of software.  Not only do we have great
>> choices, they are all very usuably, IMO. I don't really like to fight my
>> computer, so I really like it when I can just drag my FLAC files from
>> amaroK into my iPod, or download the images from my camera into my image
>> manager in digiKam.  It's just works.

I'm particularly intrigued by how many users have chosen k3b when one of the
lists included is particularly biased to gnome (and a number of the k3b
users have chosen a significant number of gnome apps elsewhere).

I'd pick AmaroK as the audio player if I could just get it to reliably work. 
I can't begin to figure out why _some_ files in a directory get added to my
collection, and others in the same format don't.  It looks great, promises
much, and it frustrates me every time I use it. :-(

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