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Re: qemu & vt's

On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 10:11:24PM +0100, Lubos Vrbka wrote:
> >>Also wouldn't it be preferable to use checkinstall:
> >>sudo checkinstall -D make install
> >>this will make a trackable debian package (so you can uninstall when
> >>you change kernels etc...).
> >good idea, i wasn't aware of checkinstall.
> good idea, but imho checkinstall is not available in testing, just in unstable. 
> or is it hidden somewhere?

It looks like it is stable and unstable (maybe it was accidentally
removed from testing becuase of the onging transitions):


I would jsut download it there and install the .deb manually with dpkg
-i <pkg_name>.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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