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Re: OT: Shared calendar server on Debian

On Thu, November 3, 2005 1:47 pm, Caleb Walker wrote:
} Hello all,
} I am wondering if there are any suggestions for a shared calendar system
} on Debian.  My setup is as follows.  I have a Cyrus, Spamassassin,
} Procmail, Postfix and OpenLDAP running on a server that I have in this
} office for mail flow and single sign on to different web applications
} and email.  I also want to implement a shared calendar where I can have
} shared personal calendars as well as shared public calendars depending
} on login or group.  Has anyone done this and if so how or what products?
} I breifly searched the debian archives and google and came up with Kolab
} so far which seems to be more Redhat freindly then I like.

My immediate thought is WebDAV and a calendar client (web-based or
otherwise) that can handle .ics files on WebDAV. At the moment I have three
calendars set up this way:

1) Mine, which I can read/write and my wife can read
2) My wife's, which I can read and my wife can read/write
3) Shared, which both of us can read/write

We use the Mozilla calendar extension, but there are certainly web apps
that can do the same. Your real issue is going to be populating the list of
subscribed calendars (readable or read/write) for the user, including
WebDAV authentication.

} Thanks in advance,
} Caleb Walker

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