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Re: OT: Shared calendar server on Debian

On Thursday 03 November 2005 01:47 pm, Caleb Walker wrote:
> I am wondering if there are any suggestions for a shared calendar
> system on Debian.  My setup is as follows.  I have a Cyrus,
> Spamassassin, Procmail, Postfix and OpenLDAP running on a server that
> I have in this office for mail flow and single sign on to different
> web applications and email.  I also want to implement a shared
> calendar where I can have shared personal calendars as well as shared
> public calendars depending on login or group.  Has anyone done this
> and if so how or what products? I breifly searched the debian
> archives and google and came up with Kolab so far which seems to be
> more Redhat freindly then I like.

Kontact + IMAP or WebDav has worked very well for me.

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