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Re: KVM switch and debian

I have a debian sarge box on an older DELL Dimension 4100. I had screen
problems until I built the machine attached to the KVM using the shared
I also had the H and V sync.
(A knoppix linux 3.8.2 live-cd provided that at boot/configure time)

>I currently have the following setup at home.
>Linksys DSL Router working as a DHCP Server.
>1 Windows NT machine with an HP DeskJet 960C printer
>1 Windows 98 machine.
>This is what I want to do.
>Install Debian Sarge on a new machine.
>Connect the Windows 98 and the new machine with a Linksys 
>KVM2KIT (2 port KVM switch).
>Are there any pitfalls which I should be aware of, or any 
>special considerations I will need to think of when I 
>install debian.
>Thank you,
>Richard Swen
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