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Re: ntpd won't set clock

Mark Lijftogt wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 09:57:50AM +0100, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
>>Hi list,
>>I try to use ntpd from openntpd 3.6.1p1-2 to set the system clock, but 
>>it refuses to do so:
>>root@pchome [~] # ntpd -d -s
>>ntp engine ready
>>reply from offset 3436.453723 delay 0.081319, next query 5s
>>reply from offset 3436.457766 delay 0.087383, next query 5s
>>reply from offset 3436.461693 delay 0.099266, next query 5s
>>[many lines snipped]
>>reply from offset 3436.323719 delay 0.136268, next query 30s
>>reply from offset 3436.479255 delay 0.160401, next query 30s
>>reply from offset 3436.444999 delay 0.152332, next query 30s
>>adjusting local clock by 3436.456532s
>>adjtime failed: Invalid argument
>>Currently, the clock is almost one hour late. But specifiying '-s' 
>>should allow to set it anyway.
>>Any ideas? Googling and this ML did not bring up an answers.
> I would advice you to use ntpdate or date to adjust the time in such a
> manour that ntpd can cope with the diffrence. From the man of ntpd the
> -s is for:
>        -s statsdir
>                      Specify the directory path for files created by the
> 		     statistics facility.

I am using the openntpd package, not ntp. Its manpage states:

-s          Set the time immediately at startup if the local clock is
off by more than 180 seconds.  Allows for a large time correction,
eliminating the need to run rdate(8) before starting ntpd.

With openntpd i have only one program for the initial time setting and
the continuous adjustment.
But id doesn't seem to work. Is no one else using openntpd?


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