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Re: PCMCIA Wireless Card startup problems under Debian Sid

Hi James!

A few words in advance: I am very sorry that you read my previous mail
as a collection of insults. That was not my intention. Actually I tried
to make fun of myself with the <lecture> tags. Please bear with me,
probably I just don't manage to communicate subtle humour in any other
language than my mother tongue (some might say I fail doing that in my
mother tongue just as well).

I didn't mean to imply that you are whining or unable to search for help
yourself. My intention was to give you some advice which should
*prevent* you from being flamed, but obviously you didn't need that in
the first place. Sorry again.

James Caldow:
> Jochen Schulz:
>> Of course it is too late now, but: except for downgrades or totally
>> hosed systems, there is no need to reinstall. Upgrading to sid or etch
>> is as easy as adding the appropriate lines to your sources.list and
>> 'aptitude dist-upgrade'.
> If only it were that simple. I had been trying to avoid my original 
> email becoming too long, but prior to installing in the manner described 
> above I had tried to apt-get dist-upgrade two seperate machines from 
> Sarge to Sid. In both cases it choked on things like udev, dpkg, etc.

Good to know! It's been some time that I did that and there were quite
some drastic changes after sarge's release.

>> That may be related to the current transition to OpenOffice.org 2.0 in
>> sid.  Many of the older extra packages for OOo aren't necessary anymore,
>> but probably the tasks (which were designed for sarge) haven't been
>> updated.
> Again, that's pretty much what I expected. Going down the Sid route I 
> wasn't expecting to be held by the hand and allowed to use things like 
> tasksel without a hitch.

That's a good attitude for sid. :-)

> >If all you need is to ifup the device, you are probably just missing an
> >'auto ethX' line in your /etc/network/interfaces. man 5 interfaces.
> And now the crux of the question. When I get home I will try what you 
> suggest and I thank you for taking the time to answer. I just hope that 
> if I run into any more serious problems in the future I can find the 
> solution elsewhere. I dread to think what abuse I will bring upon myself 
> if I decide to ask for help here.

Again: I am very sorry if you think I was rude. It was not my intention.
And please note that this list is very big and even if you prefer not to
read my mails anymore, there is a lot to learn for everybody.

I am CC'ing you directly because I don't know whether you already
cancelled your subscribtion. There's no need to CC me, I generally read
all answers to my mails.

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