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Re: Hide services for some user in samba-SOLVED

Dave wrote:
> On Wednesday, 02.11.2005 at 10:59 +0800, Chen Wei wrote:
> > > Set an 'invalid users' directive on that share.  See 'man smb.conf'
> > 
> > But the invalid users can still see that service, although they cannot
> > go into the service. How to make the service not listed in the
> > services list for that user?
> If you are hiding services before the user authenticates, how can you
> know *which* user you should be hiding it from??
> You can set "browseable=no" for the share, but that will apply to all
> users, although that might do what you want.

Thanks. Maybe I didn't explain it clearly. Actually I want to hide it
after the user authenticates and anonymous users do not have access to
the server.

The problem has been solved by using
include = /path/smb.conf.%U
in the [global] section and it seems that it works.


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