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how to close the nxclient session properly

I am using nxclient 1.5.0-113 downloaded from http://www.nomachine.com/download.php on a Debian Sid machine.

On the client machine I run KDE. Inside this KDE session, when I run nxclient (using the "available area" option in the general tab) then a window pops up and connects to the server. When I close this window ( by clicking on the X of the title bar of nxclient window), I will be given an option to "suspend", "terminate", "cancel" the NX session. I always choose "suspend" option so that I can start working from where I left off.

But if I use the "FullScreen" option in the general tab while configuring the nxclient, then when I run nxclient, it opens a nxclient session in full screen. Now I do not know how to suspend the current NX session and resume it later. Since it is run in full screen with no window whatsoever, I cannot do the previous method of clicking on X of the window title bar.

any ideas on how to overcome this problem?


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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