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Re: space concern

Mark Grieveson schrieb:
From this, I determined that, for some reason, the var directory now occupied over 18 GBs. So, I subsequently run the command debian:/home/mark# du --max-depth=1 -m /var | sort -g, which indicated that most of the space was in /var/archives. The contents are:
debian:/home/mark# ls /var/archives
debian-20051024.md5 debian-etc.20051024.tar.gz debian-home.20051024.tar.gz debian-20051025.md5 debian-etc.20051025.tar.gz debian-home.20051025.tar.gz I had installed a program "backup-manager", which I tried to run, but since I saw nothing, I thought nothing of it. I now speculate that maybe it was creating repeated backups, given the dates of these files. So, for those more in the know, can I delete these files in /var/archives? I've since uninstalled backup-manager. And how should I backup my system?

You should check if the files with date 20051024 have the same or nearly the same size as the files with date 20051025. If they have you can delete the files with the date string 20051024. The other files I would move to another drive or burn to a CD/DVD-RW if you have no other hard-drives. You should find out if "backup-manager" is able to make incremential backups, so that the whole drives is backed up just one time and in following backups only the files wich have changed will be saved.

Having your real files and the backups on the same drive doesn't make sense to me, because if your hard drive crashes the backups will also be lost.

Mirco Sippel

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