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Re: How to install Debian ia64?

Li Weichen wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I can not install debian ia64 on my PC (em64t 2.66g/ Intel D915GAV/ 512MB*2
> DDR/ ST 160g IDE/ 17" LCD/).  I used the image downloaded from debian.org
> (http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/3.1_r0a/ia64/iso-cd/debian-31r0a-ia64-n
> etinst.iso) and burned it into a CD, but it can not boot the system without
> any error messages, though I can browse the CD in Windows.
> What's wrong with it?  The image damaged?  What's your procedure?  Can
> anyone give me any suggestions?
> Thank you guys, best regards!
> Li Weichen
> 2005-10-23

ia64 is Itanium, and is not em64t, and is not compatible with em64t.

EM64T is intel's implementation of the AMD64 architecture. The port of
Debian/amd64 is almost official (but not quite, so it can't be found in
the usual places yet).

CD/DVD images for AMD64 can be downloaded from
although most AMD64 machines are quite new, so you might have better
success using an installation image with a newer kernel. This image can
be found at http://tinyplanet.ca/~lsorense/amd64/

--Ken Bloom

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