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Re: msn + iptables NAT on Debian

Eriberto wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a small network behind a iptables machine. The iptables is
> configured with NAT (masquerade) and transparent proxy (squid). The
> general traffic is ok. However, the MSN on Windows machine don't start
> and show the message: "server is too busy". If I restart the network
> service (/etc/init.d/network restart), the MSN starts. However, 1 minute
> after, if I close the MSN and try restart it, he don't start. If I set
> IE to use proxy, the MSN always start. How to make the iptables to
> accept MSN?

On the internet there is this thing called google.
That is a search engine.
It allows you to search for answers to your questions on a large number of
servers connected to the internet.
Openening the follwing URL in a webbrowser of your choise: 

Allows you to enter the follwing query:
        "msn messenger" "which ports" firewall

And as almost by a miracle, the first hit is a page on www.microsoft.com
(the people behind msn messenger!):

On this page is explained which ports / protocols need to be openend for the
different functions of msn messenger.

You will probably find that it is more flexible / convenient / safe to use
an already existing iptables based firewall system, rather than hacking
your own scripts. Shorewall is a good example of an easy to configure
firewall with lots of documentation and howto's.

Best regards
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