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Re: Laptop clock is localtime, system time is off

On (10/10/05 06:21), Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * Clive Menzies <clive@clivemenzies.co.uk> [2005 Oct 10 05:13 -0500]:
> > rerun base-config to reset
> Thanks for the tip, but base-config had nothing about the system time
> in its menu, just users and passwords, hostname, configure apt, select
> and install packages, exit and execute a shell.  I guess I'll keep
> searching...

Sorry, I assumed it would be in base-config .... my bad :(

Look at man hwclock; I just had a quick look.  There is an
--hctosys Set the System Time from the Hardware Clock.

presumably it generates a conf file somewhere where you could unset it.



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