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Re: Remote linux desktop access

On Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 02:27:25PM -0400, Antonio Rafael C. Paiva wrote:

Does anyone know how to have X access remotely through ssh?
If I open a terminal and connect using ssh I can open specific application but not the whole desktop environment, that I would like to map to a different display on my machine.
(I'm using X.org.)

I know a couple ways. One is with Nomachine NX, a commercial project, or
it's open source based free brother, FreeNX. It's slightly tricky to set
up but works rather well and runs over SSH. FreeNX is not available in
the official debian repository (I think) but there are debian packages
available. (A little google can help, hopefully).

Another simpler option, the one I currently use, is to start a VNC
server, firewall the vnc port to external connections (or have it only
listen on localhost), and set up an SSH tunnel to the VNC server. Then
just start a VNC client and point it to your local tunneled port.

If you want to keep the same desktop both locally and remotely, I
believe KDE and GNOME have that option under Desktop Sharing or a
similar name, and those are VNC servers that can be accessed with a
regular VNC client. If you mostly use the machine remotely then the
regular command line vncserver will do.

Steve Block

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