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Re: Sound on Opliplex GX150

On Mon, Oct 03, 2005 at 01:16:28PM -0700, mulvihill@tiscalinet.it wrote:
> Thanks Chris for your suggetions. Windows did say there was a driver
> installed. I tried replacing this with the "Analog devices AD1885
> Integrated Audio" driver from the Dell website (the first one on the
> list when you put in Opliplex GX150 and Windows 2000). When that didn't
> work I switched back to Linux because I am more familiar with Linux
> than WIndows.

Did the "Analog devices AD1885 Integrated Audio" driver install ok in 

Seems like a h/w prob if Windows says its ok but it still won't play.

Speakers in right plug?
Speakers ok in another computer?

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