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Re: Cdrecord and linux 2.6.12

Žáček Kryštof wrote:

>>I recently had a similar problem. After starting the k3b 
>>installation assistant, /usr/bin/cdrecord.mmap lost it's 
>>set-uid bit. I reinstalled it with chmod u+s 
>>/usr/bin/cdrecord.mmap and now, k3b works fine again (do not 
>>start k3b assistant).
>># l /usr/bin/cdrec*
>>-rwsr-xr--  1 root cdrom    133 Sep 21 03:17 /usr/bin/cdrecord
>>-rwsr-xr--  1 root cdrom 323540 Sep 21 03:17 /usr/bin/cdrecord.mmap
>>-rwsr-xr--  1 root cdrom 323540 Sep 21 03:17 /usr/bin/cdrecord.shm

I was wondering what the problem really is. In an Unstable machine
running 2.6.12, if I try to brun a CD with nautilus(no k3b installed,
not even kde!), the permissions for the files listed above are changed
and "rws" becomes "rwx" and burning fails. Resetting those permissions
to "rws" allows burning through cdrecod command from a terminal. The
permissiosn are reset by using using "dpkg-reconfigure cdrecord" and
setting the SUID bit.

So, where is the problem? In nautilus, in k3b, in cdrecord, in the kernel?


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