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Re: Using xfig

Rogério Brito wrote:

On Oct 02 2005, Alvin Oga wrote:
i can only draw squares with xfig or dia or geda
	- too much buttons and menus just to make simple
	squares, rectangles, cirles, lines, and arrows

Really, using xfig is an excellent option for those interested in
generating (vector) graphics that can be used, say, with (La)TeX

Exactly how the hardcopy of 'Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition' was prepared for publishing.

Typeset in TEX, using LaTEX2e book class (palatino), converted to PDF using dvipdfm, and to HTML with LaTEX2HTML. Illustrations by Xfig 3.2, Gimp 1.1, and autotrace.

Info inside the backcover.

Doesn't look bad to me.

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