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Re: IDE controller card recommendation

hi ya roberto

On Tue, 4 Oct 2005, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> I don't recall specifically (it has been over 2 years now).  I remember 
> that it
> was a PDC202XX, and it was an on-board deal (Gigabyte motherboard).  It was
> quite flaky.  It eventually failed and nuked the two drives connected to it.

the pdc20xxx series of ide controller is fine ..

how people put those chips onto mb and pci-ide controller
and i would not use gigabyte mb unless it was given to me for free,
and even than i'd probably not use it .... it just doesn't work in the
situations we tested .. ( work reliably everytime, and we don't
have time to go debug and hit reset each time it hangs )

> I was using it for the RAID.  However, at the time I was not aware that the
> kernel software RAID functionality was superior 

for some cases, yeah .. its goood stuff ..

c ya

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