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Re: debian 3.1 and g++-3.4

On Tuesday, 4 of October 2005 11:10, Pooly wrote:
> Is it possible to use g++-3.4 with sarge ? Currently it's g++-3.3, but
> if I install g++-3.4 and then remove g++-3.3, it remove the package
> g++ as well (and then g++ is not found, I guess it's just a simlink,
> but I don't want to do any mistake). What should I do ?

g++ package creates 'g++' symlink, but it's available only with 3.3 and 4.0 

You should install g++-3.4 and either use 'g++-3.4' name when calling g++ or 
make symlink yourself.

You can get detailed explanation here: 
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