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Re: How much difference does it make to run ssh on a different port number?

Opportunistic port scans of port 22 to see if there are openings will not
'see' yours.
SO you become exempt from that potential intrusion. It is a deterrent, but
a really easy one to set up.

Here is a sad fact, at least in Murry's Little Book O'Facts.
There are NO SECURE COMPUTERS. Just ones that are harder to attack than
With this one exception; A computer that is NOT connected to any network
can not be hacked via a network. It is then only as secure as the physical
methods to block unauthorized physical access. Watch the first IMF movie on
that one.

At 04:07 PM 10/3/2005 +0200, Tarapia Tapioco wrote:
>Occasionally people recommend running sshd on a different port number
>(not 22) to reduce the number of cracking attempts (dictionary
>Does this really make a big difference?
>Anyone have any statistics on it?
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