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Re: iPodder wont start

On Sunday 02 October 2005 13:36, Roger Creasy <roger.mailist@gmail.com>
(<[🔎] 29178b6d0510021236p6e51273u966463f1d789b1fd@mail.gmail.com>) wrote:

> Yes, I installed the Debian package.

Just to be sure, you ran 'apt-get install ipodder' or the equivalent?

> I do not have 'python-wxgtk2.6' in my 
> available list. I am running Sarge,;

I mentioned Sid specifically because I don't run Sarge.

> I tried Sid and my system crashed... 

What does "tried Sid and my system crashed" mean, specifically?

I installed 'ipodder' from the Sid archives and it runs just fine (although
it won't run as root on my computer).  It looks to me like 'ipodder' is
just a bittorrent client without any iPod interface; the "You Rock!"
introduction suggests subscribing to the ipodder-dev mailing lists.  Have
you tried that and/or checking the Debian bug-tracking system?

If you just want to use bittorrent, wouldn't some other bittorrent client be
just as good if ipodder doesn't work for you.

> so, I am afraid to add testing packaages, unless I must.
> I installed 'gtkpod' but it does not seem to have the ability to manage
> podccasts.

What does "manage podcasts" mean?  In spite of the overused, non-descriptive
buzzword syndrome, a "podcast" is just an audio file.

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