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backup plan for home server

I'm in the phase of planning a backup strategy for my home server (mail, web, wiki, documents, pictures) and I wanted to have the opinion of those more experienced so that I don't discover I did something wrong when it's too late.

What do I want to protect against:
 - drive failure
 - accidental deletion of files

What is available:
 - two drives of 80 GB
 - network storage on an external drive connected to a XP box.

Scenario 1:
 - configure the two drives for software RAID
- weekly backup of unreproducible data (such as pictures) to the network (tar or rsync?)

Scenario 2:
- weekly full backup of SYSTEM data to the second drive using a partition backup tool such as partimage
 - daily mirroring of PERSONAL data to the second drive using rsync

Things that I don't know:
- reliability of RAID. Is software RAID on Linux mature enough so that it doesn't mess up the partitions? - how do I find out that one of the RAID drives failed? schedule fsck regularly? - when one of the RAID drives fails, is recovery as simple as replacing the drive, booting from Knoppix, and initializing the new drive? - does partimage (or other partition backup tools) always backup entire partitions or is there a way to exclude some directories?

I would really appreciate your feedback and ideeas coming from your own experience.

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