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Re: Use Debian system as a RIP

Oops, in the second paragraph of my reply, "ps2pdf" should be "pdf2ps".

On Thursday 29 September 2005 12:46 pm, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> If it really is that simple (I have no experience with RIPs), then a
> Debian system might work.  The conversion would be done with the
> pdf2ps tool (man pdf2ps), from the gs-common package, or possibly
> pdftops, from xpdf-utils.
> One thing to thoroughly check out is that ps2pdf, etc. would actually
"One thing to thoroughly check out is that pdf2ps, etc. would actually"

> convert the images your client works with.  That is, get a good
> cross-section of the PDF images they would work with, and verify that
> they are converted to correct, printable Post Script.  Having used
> them for several years, my experience with these conversion tools is
> that they almost always work, but I've had a few situations where
> they choke (mostly with what I'd consider quirky documents, which
> your client may have.)  I have also heard of some people having more
> trouble than I've had with those tools.
> Of course, another thing to consider is the the EX12 RIP's
> reputation. Have other users found it reliable, etc.?
> Good luck.

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