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Re: GRUB woes (install to hde)

Alvin Oga wrote:
hiya matt

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Matt Price wrote:

I'm trying desperately to install grub on an auxiliary hard drive
currently living on the 3rd IDE bus (/dev/hde).

do you know if your motherboard can boot from /dev/hde ??
	- not all bios/mb supports booting from off-board controllersPower down (no shutdown).
	- stick a working disk/cd-drive in /dev/hde and see if you can
	boot it

it'd be pointless to install the grub mbr on /dev/hde if it cannot boot


Umm, no, what he's doing is perfectly reasonable. He wants to
duplicate boot discs for use on other machines. IIUI, he doesn't
want to boot from /dev/hde ever. He wants to create a disc
connected as /dev/hde which can become /dev/hda on another

One way to do that would be to dd if=zero of=/dev/hda ...
and then make the thing a minimal bootable, then put it on
as, say, /dev/hdf and then dd if=/dev/hdf | gzip image to create a
(relatively) small image on /dev/hda. Then put on /dev/hde
and gunzip image | dd of=/dev/hde and re-create the whole thing,
but it would wind up writing the entire disc, which would be slow.
That's why I haven't mentioned it.

I've tried to figure out a way he can clone his boot for him without
writing multi-megs of data. It should be easy, but isn't, quite.

Maybe you know a way.

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