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Missing Printer Drivers, can't connect to print server

I'm trying to set up a shared printer connected to my server's parallel port. So far I can get the WinXP box in my network to print using samba, but I also have a client running debian AMD64 2.6.12 and that one has turned into a huge hassle. Right now I'd like to connect to the server (also running debian) via samba. From the client, I can open the "Printing" admin tool and click the "Add New Printers" icon and get through the first half of the connection process, i.e. the client sees the server and the attached server fine. However, when I get to the step to add the printer driver there are no drivers in the database. I also get an error when I try to select the PPD manually using the "Install Driver..." button:

Missing asterisk in column 1 at 1:'/home/pete/Downloads/Brother-HL-1440-hl1250.ppd'

Which package do I need to install to populate the drivers db? If it's cupsys-driver-gimpprint then I'm in trouble, because that one is giving me a dependency error.

Failing that, how can I get my PPD to load?


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