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Re: bios - Re: GRUB problem (long, description of BOOT)

hi ya

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Mike McCarty wrote:


> > you keep going to filesytem
> No, you do.

i see we're assumign too many stuff ..

i never once said aything but servo info being the 
same as fs info .. etc..etc 
> > am not talking about the head alignment and gaps or anything
> But I am, and was, and have been, and have been trying
> (unsuccessfully) to point that out. The head alignment
> (servo) information cannot be diddled by dd. The low-level
> format information is not accessible to high-level programs
> (like dd).

again, if you think it cannot be done ... that's your option

i'm saying i can trivially wipe out your partitions
and some of the servo info especially badblock data with dd ...

i think the badblock is what the confusion is..
	- it can be part of the servo and/or part
	of the formatting/partitioning .. i consider
	badblock info part of servo data since it can
	be done by the controller on the disk itself ...

> It requires special interface.

nope ... you concurred earlier that fdformat and superformat
is low level formatt ... it doesn't need any special interface

> One cannot clobber
> the sector formatting by using dd, which sits on top of
> that.

simple case is to convert a 512byte/sector to 2Kbyte/sector
on the disk
	- ie .. not to be confused with fs block size

> This is probably as far as we can (profitably) go.

yup.. have fun ... thanx for the vocubulary lessons :-0

c ya

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