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Re: exim4-light vs exim4-heavy

On Sunday, 25.09.2005 at 15:34 -0500, Seth Goodman wrote:

> > Well, yes: but that applies regardless of whether you've launching
> > it from procmail or not :-)
> Well, not exactly.  I don't know enough about Exim to know if it can
> operate this way, but if you do your AV/content filtering during the
> SMTP transaction, you can reject with a 550 at the end of data.  That
> is a lot better than silently discarding messages after accepting
> them.  Yes, that keeps the TCP connection open a long time, but for a
> small to medium sized system, that should not be a big issue.
> The real savings is in rejecting before data based on a variety of
> measures, terminating the connection much sooner and saving a lot of
> bandwidth.  If you do enough of that, you can cut down the number of
> messages that you allow to go into data, and thus require AV/content
> filtering, to the point that it is much less of a load on the system.

This is all true, of course, but has drifted a *long* way from what the
OP was asking.  I was merely pointing out that you *can* filter post-MTA
acceptance ...

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