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Re: ReiseFS vs XFS

On 26/09/05, Daniel Garcia <danitous@yahoo.es> wrote:
> Why is it interesting to have a different partition
> for / and for /home? I have never seen the point in a
> home
> computer. Isnt it more painful to have to calculate
> the size for each partition
> Thanks
> Daniel

off the top of my head:

* If /home gets hosed, you can still get in single-user to fix/restore it.
* same for backups
* you can set quotas on a per-partition basis.
* one dumb user (possibly you) is not going to be able to fill /
* you can reuse /home between different Linuxes
* when you reinstall, skip formatting /home and you don't lose your data

Besides, with LVM (yes, I am an LVM cheerleader) you don't have to know
the size in advance -
give it a gb and you can always grow it afterwards.
I'm actually starting to think about giving each user their own
partition, since it's so little hassle.

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