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Re: Two internet connections, one firewall

On 9/26/05, Brent Clark <bclark@eccotours.dyndns.org> wrote:
> Andrea Ganduglia wrote:
> > I wonder if it is possible to have two internet connections running at
> > the same time on one box. Sure, one connection, one Eth
> >
> > Schema:
> >
> >         Router0 <---> Eth0 TUX Eth1 <---> Router1
> >                            Eth2
> >                             |
> >                             |
> >                            LAN (Hub)

Thx@all! I think solution suggested from David is better way for me. I
have just one doubt. All my ADSL link have static IP Address, and I
have a web server into LAN. In this way can I view web server outside
LAN? or in small words, can I pre routing one ADSL link onto my web
server while I using it for LAN connections?

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