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Re: Two internet connections, one firewall

Andrea Ganduglia wrote:
I wonder if it is possible to have two internet connections running at
the same time on one box. Sure, one connection, one Eth


        Router0 <---> Eth0 TUX Eth1 <---> Router1
                           LAN (Hub)

Default gateway of LAN clients is Eth2, that have for gw Eth0.
In case Eth0  is down TUX (the firewall) which automatically onto Eth1.
Is it possible? And it is possibile using at the same time connections
on redundancy?

Hi Andrea

It is possible, I got two ADSL's Lines.

After getting mine working i stumbled across this link.


Oh and remember to

echo 0 >  /proc/../../rp_filter (Very important).

Other than that its pretty staight forward.


Kind Regards
Brent Clark

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