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Re: LILO, SATA & IDE drive

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005, Ron Johnson wrote:

> > you can also go into the BIOS and tell it to boot off hd0
> > vs hd1 
> If the BIOS has such an option, I haven't found it.

yeah.. dell bios wont allow you to change between hd0 and hd1 etc

but most bios do have boot order someplace
> >        or usb-hdd listed after hda
> Huh?  Why USB?

my boo-boo ... was thinking usb-stick instead of sata

scsi vs hd0(hda) in your case

> If I can't mod the BIOS, how will lilo know to update the
> /dev/hda MBR, to tell it that the OS, etc are on /dev/sda?

boot=/dev/hda  as you already noted

the machine ( bios ) will look at the boot order..
	and find the first machine listed and see if it has the 
	MBR with the boot flag and will keep looking thru
	all the disks till the bios finds a bootable(usable) MBR 
> > you need to remove  /boot/map
> rm it, or comment it out of lilo.conf?

either waill work
	mv /boot/map /boot/map.hda 

	will preserve the working mbr, if you want to undo
	your changes back to what it was

> Yes, I definitely want to boot into the new system, not the
> old disk.

than run lilo with boot=/dev/sda ...

and put scsi before hda .. and if you cannot change the boot order,
than, as oyu noted in your lilo.conf, run lilo on both disks
> But the BIOS wants to run the "old" lilo that's on /dev/hda,
> not the new lilo that's on /dev/sda.

that's because it found the old MBR before the scsi

you can also delete the MBR infor from /dev/hda and it will never
boot from /dev/hda 
	dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=446 count=1 data=sync


	lilo -U  ( and lilo.conf will need to have boot=/dev/hda )


	fdisk /mbr

c ya

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