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Re: recover data from a hd

csj wrote:
On 21. September 2005 at 8:32AM -0400,
Mitchell Laks <mlaks@verizon.net> wrote:


I try not to use maxtor - i have switched to western digital
after too many crashes.

I buy only Maxtor drives. I bought one bad Maxtor drive that
started spouting read errors the first time I tried to format
it. Instead of availing of the warranty or having the drive
replaced outright, I formatted around the read errors and ran the
drive for three years before I finally gave up on it. If a bad

This is truly bad practice. I'll explain why. With the old
MFM and RLL drives, the errors you saw were the errors on the
disc. But with the ATA drives, this is no longer true. The
drive itself "goes around" the bad spots, using sector remapping.
So, if you can actually see a bad spot, that means that there
are *many* bad spots, and the sector remapping table is full.

Maxtor drive could last that long, a good Maxtor drive should
last ages. I've never had the chance to test this theory though,
since I upgrade to a higher-capacity drive in as little as two

You must not have very high regard for the value of your data.

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