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Re: How to enable Direct rendering on a machine with VIA KM400 graphics card ?


Sadly I needed to get Xorg to get my Via KM400 working.

The DRI driver for our card dosn't work properly with Xfree. Try having
a look at the Xorg site.

If you need more detailed info, please, ask again.



> I have an AMD athlon machine at home and its motherboard uses a VIA KM400
> Graphics card. I have recently installed Debian-3.1 (Sarge) on it.
> I am using a Linux-2.6.13 kernel (locally compiled), and 'lsmod' and
> 'dmesg' all shows that 'agpgart' 'via_agp', 'drm' and 'via' Graphics
> module are loaded. '/var/log/XFree86.0.log' also shows that DRI is
> enabled. However, 'glxinfo' shows that 'Direct rendering: no'.
> Is it due to use of older 'dri' or 'glx' libraries ?
> Any idea what to do in this case to enable DRI ?
> I am attaching the 'glxinfo' 'XFree86.0.log', 'dmesg' and 'lsmod'
> outputs along with this mail.
> Thanks in advance.
> Subhashis

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